Dhamma Dena Accessibility Project

Greetings Dear Friends of Dhamma Dena,

We feel tremendous gratitude to all those who have sustained Dhamma Dena since Ruth’s passing away. We find ourselves now at a turning point. I, Arinna, am delighted to let you know I will be the guiding teacher to support this flourishing of the center. Dhamma Dena is a unique center that still expresses Ruth’s creativity, and the desert is such an amazing place for opening the heart, we would like to share it with everyone.

A first step would be creating access for those who live with physical disability and use wheelchairs.

This is a large-scale project including widening doorways, putting in ramps and wheelchair accessible pathways, creating additional accessible bathrooms, plus two fully-accessible bedrooms: All of which are so needed and wished for, but not without cost.

In addition, if you have practiced here you might have noticed the large piles of laundry generated at the end of every retreat, and how our bravely limping washing machine is barely able to keep up with the demand. It would be a blessing to have a new washing machine and a dryer.

Your generosity supports this special dharma home and is very valued. We offer you the opportunity to contribute to it in several ways:

• 4 Ramps from $175 X 4= $700

• Resize 5 doorways = $466 X 5 =$2,330

• Replace bath with accessible shower $5000

• Pathway from Zendo to main house either:
o Accessmat woven with polyester used on state park beaches $4,999
o Trex with wood and plastic composite, more durable $12,676
o Stabilized Decomposed Granite (DG) compressed gravel $4,000

• Washing machine $800
• 2 new beds $300
• Labor costs for overseeing work retreat to begin this process $400

Fundraiser Goal: $13,530 to $22,206

With Metta,
Arinna Weisman
Doshin Houtman, Advisor to the Board

Checks can be mailed to Dhamma Dena, PO Box 183, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Dhamma Dena is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization -- Tax ID # 95-3502908. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.