Ruth's dedicated dharma son, Robert Beatty, has steadfastly gathered and digitized a vast array of photos, recordings, and videos of Ruth which can be seen on this website dedicated to her.

A wonderful archival video of Ruth from her early years at Dhamma Dena, filmed by dharma-sister and filmmaker, Annie Hershey, can be viewed here.

Merry Song, another dharma-sister and filmmaker, also filmed Ruth, and has some of her videos posted on YouTube. This one on Death and Impermanence seems appropriate at this time, as does The Skeleton Dance in which Ruth sings prophetically:  "my skeleton will one day be in a jar" (which it now is, in the meditation hall).

Thanks and appreciation to dharma-sister, Marguerite Manteau-Rao, for taking these clips from her blog Minddeep, and for giving us permission to use them here:

Body Awareness



Right Understanding

Science, Wisdom, Mindfulness

Only Energy